The Brand

Old River Icon 

The strength, adventure, and teamwork: the Old River logo tells the story made of men who got together to give birth to a company made of energy, vitality, and determination, like the rowers who love nature and adventure. The logo evokes this world of adventure, research and team play. In addition to recalling the link with nature, the green colour communicates discovery, growth, dynamism, and above all, tenacity to pursue objectives, which for a brand like Old River translates into the pursuit of quality and perfection in every detail. 
The wisdom that can only come from tradition and experience (Old) flows naturally towards the future (River), driven by expert leaders: this is the concept of Old River! 

The birth of the brand  

A brand that laid down the law of Neo-British style in Europe: but how was Old River born?  We have to go back to 1972 when Edouard Vernis launched the new Old River brand in France. Although the name is taken from a tributary of the Mississippi River in the USA, the reference style is European: Vernis imagines representing the contemporary European man lifestyle and look, combining British taste with Italian design and French sophistication. Success came the following year, in 1973, when the single-brand store is opened, and at the end of the 70s, it is the turn of the store in Boulevard Saint-Germain-De-Prés, the very famous Latin quarter of Paris.   After a few years, the Old River brand reached the peak of notoriety all over France in the men’s fashion sector when it became in 1992 the official brand for the French team of America’s Cup, the most popular sailing competition in the world. During the first years of 2000, the Old River brand could count on a fleet of 85 shops in France and about 30 stores worldwide.  


Old River’s philosophy 

Those who love to mix the timeless British classic style revised in a modern key wearing impeccably cut garments produced with accurate attention to detail choose Old River.  The neo-British proposals of Old River follow the leitmotif of the most important trends of British tailoring: the collections are full of prêt-à-porter urban chic clothes and, with a timeless vintage touch, able to donate English aplomb in an instant. The watchwords are elegant and quality: one of the strengths of the brand’s philosophy is the collaboration with the excellent suppliers of the Italian tailoring industry. 

Entering the Italian market

100% Made in Italy

In the 90s, Old River entered the Italian market thanks to the Cataldo family, historic entrepreneurs of the Palermo area. Thanks to them, the brand has evolved and grown: in 1991, the first Old River store opened in Palermo; in 2002, the family acquired the brand for the Italian territory and thus found a new way to tell the brand’s philosophy always remaining faithful to its original values, integrating them with the parameters of taste and the most prestigious tradition of Made in Italy fashion. 

Current and Future goals 

Today, on the threshold of 50 years of history at the European level, Old River does not stop innovating: the brand continuously researches materials, fabrics environmentally friendly and cutting-edge techniques to produce quality products. In this way, it is possible to combine respect for the environment with the mission to propose high-quality collections Made in Italy. The experimentation, the willingness to expand its boundaries, the need to pass its philosophy to the new generation are all cornerstones that the Old River brand does not intend to give up.