Historical Pieces

The legendary 90s 

During the golden years for fashion, those that see the birth of a glamorous and glossy style, old tailoring workshops created a total look with a neo-British style for men. The Old River collections were distinguished due to the bold, bright and harmonious colours, with multi-colour stripes or squares as distinctive motifs. In addition, the bright and sunny colours were a source of inspiration for numerous Italian brands born later, all rigorously styled and made in Italy. 

90s vibe 

The fashion changed in the last years of the 90s, more and more oriented towards the trends and tastes of current times, although the classic and elegant style remained a constant. Today, looking at these pictures, we feel thrown into a 90s TV show scene. The clothes, footwear, and hairstyles are affected by multiple stylistic influences and are divided between a false scruffy grunge fashion and a college-style.  In reality, these are the pioneering pictures that have marked the history of Italian fashion, where a Bermuda short and a classic polo shirt, albeit so simple, were a must-have. 

2000: the new era 

Fashion is a constantly evolving phenomenon, a succession of new trends, experiments and innovations. But it is also studded with nostalgia and the need to stand out. 

Every year new collections with different styles are proposed: classic, informal, sporty and contemporary. The various themes and creative moods tell the trends of the moment, adapting to every circumstance. 

The new millennium will bring along many innovations and new exciting inspirations. The Old River collections will reflect the mood and the contemporary trends, but they will always remain firmly faithful to the imprint of the neo-British style that has made Old River an iconic brand in its genre.