Fabrics that tell a story of Made in Italy excellence.

For almost 50 years, Old River has been the emblem of the contemporary British style total look: what makes the clothing items unreplaceable is the choice of fabrics that tell a story of excellence, combining tradition, elegance and craftsmanship. We rely only on Italian companies among the most renowned internationally, with significant experience and reliability in the textile sector. 

Among the preferred raw materials by Old River the cotton cannot miss, light and soft on the skin; the delicate cashmere, warm and comfortable; the Tasmanian merino wool made with the most prestigious Australian wools and used to produce fresh and comfortable garments; the resistant and soft flannel, perfect for making prestigious and creative shirts.  

Jackets and Suits’ Fabrics 

The wools produced by Loro Piana are characterised by their extreme softness and brilliance and for the warm sensation that they give. Old River enriches its clothing collection with jackets and suits made with Loro Piana’s fabrics. 

Marzotto is a historical group in the wool and cotton textile industry, in woollen yarns for knitting, in linen and silk yarns. Our choice falls on their Tasmanian wool fabrics. 

In Lanificio Cerruti, there are true alchemists of beauty who love to manipulate the noblest raw materials with passion in search of the perfect mix between innovation and tradition. Ingredients that cannot be missing from our Tasmanian wool collections. 

Shirts’ Fabrics  

The collections that the Albini Group exhibit every year are the result of a research and development process focused on innovation. They can offer clothing collections that go from a more sportive or contemporary taste to the most classic and tailored. 

Thomas Mason has always been over time synonymous with stylistic revolution and elegance.  British style, bold patterns, pure cotton and soft flannel yarns result from using the best raw materials and the best-advanced spinning and weaving technologies. 

Trousers’ Fabrics 

A historical brand that was founded in 1922 and that protects the artisan traditions without renouncing the most modern trends. Our 100% cotton trousers are also made with Larusmiani fabrics.  

Duca Visconti di Modrone’s velvets, a historical Italian company, represent the top of the range for elegance and class, synonymous with excellent quality. These are velvet fabrics used to create trousers of great value and comfort, appreciated worldwide.