Creativity, care and attention in every single detail

Old River has made attention to detail one of the pillars of its philosophy since its earliest days. We firmly believe that creating a high-quality clothing item is not enough to make it timeless. Still, it must be enriched with unique elements that make it memorable, that can express the wearer fully, always remaining faithful to the neo-British imprint that distinguishes us.  We have decided to dedicate this space to the details that make the Old River’s garments must-haves, such as the par excellence item of clothing: the shirt declined into its two successful variants. The two variants are the non-iron shirts and double twisted yarn shirts with personalised corozo buttons (100% natural and ecological, made with washers made from a dried tropical palm nut) and mother-of-pearl buttons.  The trousers with their original internals lined with Made in Italy fabrics are extraordinarily versatile and modern fit: all the strengths of the Old Rivers brand can combine comfort, originality, and elegance.  

Non-Iron shirts 

Besides ensuring perfect wearability, the non-iron shirts don’t need to be ironed after the washing: once dried off, they don’t have creases. In addition, they remain wrinkle-free even after being squeezed into the washing machine because of non-iron fabric that absorbs less water compared to a standard material, which makes them an excellent choice in terms of comfort and time saving, even for a super accurate last-minute look. 

Jackets Padding 

The natural fibre is an excellent insulator, capable of trapping a lot of air inside the fabrics despite its extreme lightness. Therefore, the padding of our jackets does not weigh down the garment, guaranteeing a perfect balance between weight, warmth, and comfort.   

Trousers’ Interior 

What distinguishes any trousers from Old River trousers is the set of tailored details that can be found at first glance and that make them truly authentic. In addition to being rich in patterns and colours, the particular inner lining of the Old River trousers is designed to support the outer fabric, making it slide when you sit down and not create annoying creases. 

Nacre Buttons 

The mother-of-pearl or nacre buttons are obtained from the internal layer of the shells of some molluscs. Their iridescent, white pearl or grey pearl colour (variable depending on the type of shell used) makes them perfect for creating luxury and refined buttons, personalised with a laser engraving of Old River. This detail enhances the quality and elegance of the garment on which they are sewn. 

Double twisted yarn shirts 

The double twisted yarn shirts are created through a particular processing technique that divides the yarn into two parts and weaves them on themselves. As a result, the cotton will be more precious, shiny and silky, therefore pleasant to wear and easy to iron. In addition, this process gives the fabric a shiny, soft and resistant appearance.