What are you made of?

The fabrics make the difference on every occasion!  

Like in the case of Old River, that even this year has proposed a multi-coloured shirt collection sealed by the elegance that distinguishes the brand. 

The materials used to make a shirt are various, but some are more sought than others. Knowing the main fabrics is essential to choose the right shirt since the suit’s character and other elements of the total look will depend on the fabric. 

Those recommended by Old River are mainly two.  

Cotton is surely the most popular choice. It is composed of a very light and soft fibre that lets skin breathe; it is hygienic, fresh and comfortable. Therefore, the indication of 100% cotton on the label guarantees an excellent quality product.  

However, the flannel is another cornerstone of the Old River shirt collection. It is a very warm fabric with thick weaves, but at the same time, the flannel’s down, lifted by the raising, keeps the air which acts as thermal insulation.  

When choosing the fabric, it is crucial to understand if you want a casual and sporty style or an elegant and sophisticated look. In this way, you will be able to choose the suitable fabric for the final purpose. 

And you… what are you made of?