What women and men “don’t iron.”

#Idontiron has become the viral hashtag of those who discovered the non-iron Shirts.  

No crease is undoubtedly the desire of many men, especially for a businessman that, between meetings, business trips by flight or car, or after many hours outside, can count on a shirt that seems perfectly ironed.

The non-iron shirts are characterised by being able to be worn immediately after washing. Among other things, they give an unparalleled softness, although their processing makes the fabric more rigid. 

Don’t you still believe that it is possible not to iron?

Here are some tips for maintaining the fit of these very comfortable shirts: 

1) Washing must not exceed 30/40° degrees;

2) The collar and cuffs must be positioned inwards;

3) It must be fully buttoned during the washing process;

4) After the washing, the shirt must be hung to dry immediately to avoid the formation of creases;

5) We don’t recommend using a dryer and softener to preserve the peculiarities of the fabric for a longer time. 

6) Once worn, the non-iron shirt uses the body temperature, naturally stretching on it.

Young people and older men appreciate them, but in particular, they are loved by the women who give it to their “him”.