A small precious detail: the buttons

So small, yet so extraordinarily indispensable: buttons are accessories that can become a detail of class and elegance, especially in men’s shirts.  They are available in many materials, but certainly one of the most valuable is Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl buttons or nacre buttons are made with a very precious natural material of excellent aesthetic quality, obtained from the inner layer of the shell of some molluscs.  Its iridescent colour, pearl white or pearl grey depending on the type of shell used and the country of origin, makes it perfect for making refined luxury buttons, enhancing the beauty of the garment on which they are sewn. 

The processing of the button is long and meticulous. We start by cutting the discs of the shell which, selected, are manually flattened and undergo a semiautomatic turning on both sides. Once the disks have been pierced, already in the semblance of a button, they are bleached in basins with hydrogen peroxide and then pass to tumble finishing made in cylinders with water and pumice. Finally, the perfect polishing is obtained with corozo semolina. 
Thanks to a particular laser technique, it is possible to personalise them, contributing to the creation of precious glamorous and high fashion clothes.