Old River

Spring / Summer collection

A new season that brings new trends to try out, here what you will wear soon. 
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High-Quality fabrics 100% Made in Italy

Cotton, Cashmere, Tasmanian merino wool and many more. We tell you our philosophy through the fabrics chosen for our best-known clothing items. 
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Care and attention to details

The details represent the elements that make a clothing item a timeless must-have. Come and discover them. 
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Old River's World

Old River Icon  The strength, adventure, and teamwork: the Old River logo tells the story made of men who got together to give birth to a company made of energy, vitality, and determination, like the rowers who love nature and adventure. The logo evokes this world of adventure, research and team play. In addition to recalling […]
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Our #historicpieces

Immerse yourself in the history of Old River through the gallery of our most iconic pieces. 
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